I made a chart of some bioluminescent species! Full image on tabletopwhale.comΒ 


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Occasionally I switch from my desk chair to the balance ball in hopes that the need to stay balanced will make my work day more exciting, if not adventurous. Alas, I feel even more desperate when my core engagement fails to promote my sinking morale to a moderate level of complacency. A year from now I want to look back in fondness, and even regret, as I stand on my feet for 8 hours chasing the unruly minds of urban street youth through the bureaucratic halls of the education system.Β 

Rarely do I believe men are capable of having a sense of humility & possibly even foresight. At least they try. πŸŒΉπŸ”« #damndirtyapes #typicaldudemove

Socks w/ sandals. I just don’t understand. The 20 year comeback. My neighbor has no idea he looks like an #Olsentwin #bohobag #wtf πŸ˜£πŸ‘Ž (at Memory Grove Park)

Mr. Bacon and friends. 🐽 @doryladd @kyphoon @bigwaterdories @braggerin

Mr. Bacon is a Winner! Flexible Gumbyesque mascot Lil’l Davey found on Amazon. @doryladd @kyphoon

#electricsex #fragilè #itmustbeitalian #Cleveland @andrea_prigmore @ca11medaddy_ (at A Christmas Story House & Museum)

Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad in the entire universe. Thanks for teaching me to always go for the gold, to treat others w/compassion, to question everything, to camp like a pro, to row a boat, & last but not least, to cook & build just about anything! πŸ’š #daddysgirl #rolemodel #lildavey (at Green River, Utah)